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Dama - Valtènesi Rosé Vintage 2019 Limited Edition Of Lake Garda


Vintage year: 2019

Area of origin: Valtènesi, Soffaino hills

Grape variety: Groppello (predominant %), indigenous grape variety of Valtènesi, Marzemino, Barbera, Sangiovese, vines over 40 years old

Harvest: Harvested by hand in small crates

Production: Podere dei Folli dedicates the "Dama" bottle to Amalia Brunati, the charming woman who won the heart of Senator Pompeo Molmenti and who inspired the creation of excellent rosé wines on the shores of the picturesque Lake Garda. La Dama represents the highest expression of savoir-faire in the production of rosé wines of extraordinary longevity in the winery.

The vinification process of this prized label is an authentic ritual that begins with the harvesting of the grapes at sunrise, when the freshness of the morning best preserves their organoleptic qualities. The bunches of grapes from vines over 40 years old are carefully selected, delicately placed in small crates and immediately transported to the cellar. Here, expert eyes and hands carefully select the bunches, which are then carefully poured into the press without suffering any stress.

In the press, the temperature is reduced to 5 degrees, starting the process of extracting the must and macerating the skins through cryomaceration. The musts are extracted following a very high quality method, obtaining only the flower must and losing even 20% of the initial must.

Alcoholic fermentation occurs naturally, thanks to the use of indigenous yeasts. Fifty per cent of the wine ferments in small oak barrels, while the other 50 per cent ferments in stainless steel tanks, contributing to the wine's extraordinary balance.

At the end of fermentation, the wine undergoes a further 3 years of ageing on its fine lees, promoting yeast autolysis and helping to create a unique profile. This is followed by bottling, where the wine continues its evolution, giving life to an extraordinary bottle of great value.

Alcohol: 12.50 %

Colour: Splendid coppery rose gold of extraordinary luminosity

Aroma: This bouquet is rich and complex, capturing a wide range of aromatic notes. On the nose, fragrances of apricot jam and delicate hints of sweet spices emerge, with an underlying mineral nuance. In addition, woody and spicy notes clearly emerge, evoking the enveloping aroma of sandalwood and the warmth of amber. Mandarin adds a lively citrus note, while argan oil lends a unique softness, adding depth to the whole. This combination of elements creates an enveloping and seductive fragrance that enchants the senses with its complexity and sophisticated harmony.

Taste: The complexity of flavour is manifested in all its breadth, creating a veritable symphony of flavours that embrace the palate with a unique and lasting savouriness. This experience is further enriched by enchanting honeyed notes that add a natural, enveloping sweetness, by sweet spices that add a touch of warmth and vitality, and by elegant woody tones that bring a pleasant sensation of robustness and structure to the overall flavour.

Pairing: This high-class wine adapts with great versatility in the kitchen, enhancing delicious flavours. Perfect with delicate seafood dishes such as oysters and caviar, it goes equally well with specialities such as beef in oil, a typical Brescian dish. It is also ideal for raw and cooked tuna, as well as dishes such as veal carpaccio and white meat in seasonal truffle cream. The wine beautifully complements risottos with vegetables and sea shells. Its elegance and richness elevate every fine dining experience to an extraordinary level.

Packaging: 0.75 l bottle in a six-bottle box


The 'Dama' wine takes its name from the initials of the owners of the Podere dei Folli winery, Davide and Marco. In addition, the reference to the last three letters 'ama' is a tribute to Amalia Brunati, she who, together with Pompeo Molmenti, led the codification of the first rosé wine on Lake Garda.

The bottle features a drawing of the figure of a lady, inspired precisely by Amalia Brunati, who won the heart of Senator Pompeo Molmenti for the production of rosés on Lake Garda. The figure of the lady is only outlined, leaving the inside transparent so that the wine can colour it, creating a unique and exciting visual effect.

On the bottom of the dress, stylised grapes can be glimpsed in Pop Art style, representing the native Groppello grape variety.

The background of the bottle recalls the water of Lake Garda, with graphic elements evoking the lake environment, creating a visual link with the place where the wine is produced.

In addition, there is a reference behind the figure of the lady that recalls the Rocca di Manerba, one of the symbols and icons of Lake Garda. This detail is characterised by a purple polka dot pattern, recalling both the Pop Art style and the colour of the grapes used in the production of the wine.

Another feature of the bottle is the presence of a sun, which can also be interpreted as a lemon. This symbol represents the bright sun that characterises the Mediterranean climate of Lake Garda and also recalls the combination of wine and food, as lemon is one of the ingredients that make Lake Garda so well known.

Finally, on the right side of the figure of the lady are swans, typical birds of Lake Garda, flying in the sky. This detail adds a touch of movement and freedom, evoking the serene and open atmosphere of Lake Garda.