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Rosé Carnival Party

Rosé Carnival Party 

Date and Time: 11 February 2023 from 20.00 to 0.00.

Don't miss the chance to join us for the most original party of the year! The "Rosé Carnival Party" is the perfect event for fans of rosé wines and for those who love to have fun with a Carnival-inspired outfit[ _0127_5_1].

The evening will be made even more unique by the music  lounge and house of the dj set, which will accompany the tasting of our selected wines.


Put on your favorite mask, grab your friends and join us for a night full of fun and surprises you'll never forget.


We advise you to book as soon as possible as seats  are limited  and we don't want you to be disappointed that you are unable to join us on this special evening. Also, for everyone who wears a mask there will be a surprise gift!


The event includes for single person👤:

  • 2 glasses of rosé wine 1 from Béspoi and 1 from Prèafete
  • 1 glass of Vegna red wine
  • gourmet cold cuts platter for 1 person
  • artisan breadsticks
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With your reservation  for the "Rosé Carnival Party", you will have access to the event for the value of €25, which includes: entrance to the party, two glasses of rosé wine and a glass of red wine accompanied by a small platter of gourmet cured meats, artisan bread and bread sticks. For more drinks and food, our à la carte menu will be available with a wide choice.

Info & Reservations at number 3393579452, do not miss this opportunity u